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Fast, friendly mortgage approvals.

Gregory Stanley loves helping people build wealth through real estate ownership, sometimes it is about keeping what they already have, or managing debt better, so one’s improved lifestyle can flourish. Gregory also mentors and gives advice to fellow networked mortgage brokers across Canada.

Gregory Stanley, CEO & Founder
Mortgage Broker

Gregory Stanley for over 20 years was both a licensed Mortgage Broker and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) whose advice is very much sought after all across Canada. He has conducted many seminars for seniors, seminars for Advisors, a contributing Money Column writer for senior publications, and even been on the Daily Edition television show to help Canadians plan their retirement. Past director for the Parents Who Care Society (providing financial solutions to families that needed help) all Pro-Bono. Also, Gregory is a supporting member of 100 Brokers Who Care - a charity that gives life supporting financial support to families in need. It is an honor and privilege to make a difference to others. 

Experts in the financial needs of people – the ones that have money (that can lend to others) and the ones that need money (to pay off debt and improve cash flow). You can request a call back, and speak to Gregory Stanley directly. 

In 2021, Gregory retired his general CFP practice, to focus 100% on funding mortgages - and mentoring, teaching and providing mortgage investment portfolios to preferred clients so they can retire with an income they can live well on.

Why Work with Us?

Fast, friendly approvals, tailored to improve your financial well being, is a good reason to speak with us. Your call to us is without obligation. If your need is for private funds then we do a 2 step solution. First, we get rid of high interest debt to make cash flow more manageable, and stress-free. We can then come up with a game plan to later switch a borrower over to a conventional lender, usually within 12 - 18 months. Or extend, until needed, until our mutual goal is realized.

Whether you are ready to buy a new home, debt loan refinance, consolidate debts or lower your mortgage payments it is important to know how a mortgage consultant can assist you.

“Our first interest is in your best interest”

We are on your side, your team, to provide advice that matters. We promise to enthusiastically present your mortgage application to a lender that's willing to give preferred, discounted rates and mortgage terms. This is an important distinction when compared to a bank loans manager who serves the best interests of his bank – and not yours.

For Some Friendly Advice

Whether you are looking at buying a home or thinking of a refinance, we are here to help.
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