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The Easy Road to Independent Wealth and Freedom

Start living better today! We build a personalized mortgage portfolio for any investor based on our proven
15 step safe investing approach system to each file.
You’ll earn monthly income you live off / retire with –
very comfortably – from anywhere.  

Preferred rates
& terms
Dynamic, tailored solutions
Fast & efficient turnaround

Mortgage Investments COMPARED to other fixed income investments

Fixed return investments are products such as: Canada Savings bonds, Guaranteed Income Certificates (GIC’s), municipal or corporate bonds. Did you know that their yields typically average 2% or less, annually? Meaning $100,000 into a GIC may only pay you $2000 per year. $250,000 may only pay $5000 per year. Also, most such products pay every 90 days, 6 months or just once per year, but not monthly.


Whereas mortgage investments pay the return that is written in the mortgage loan. Meaning, whatever the mortgage contract rate states as the interest rate charged to the borrower, you receive 100% of that amount, monthly!


However instead of 2% you will earn many times that, considering a 1st mortgage investment typically charges a borrower 10.00% rate and a 2nd mortgage contract charge 12%



  • $100,000 invested into mortgages earns $1,000 interest income – each month.

  • That is $12,000 per year instead of $2,000.

  • $250,000 pays $2,500 per month, that is $30,000 per year instead of $5,000.


You can earn an income to retire on now.

Image below for illustration purposes only. 


You can make $1000, $2500 or $5000 each month or more by investing in private mortgages. We can design the monthly income you desire. It is as easy process that Gregory Stanley will personally help you with. You can earn a living income by simply moving funds - from current investments earning poor returns - into mortgage investments. Money can start coming in as soon as next month.


You can invest with cash, RRIF, TFSA, LIRA or any other registered plan, to fund a private mortgage to a borrower.

How it Works

We bring borrowers to you. It is an easy process that we walk you through. It is one of the best kept secrets for people building up an investment portfolio so they can retire – years early. Or live a better lifestyle, right now. Starting next month. We receive loan requests daily and select the ones that make sense to fund, to show to you.


Gregory finds either a ‘nice apple’ or a ‘juicy plum’ to invest in. We build a mortgage portfolio for our clients. Any borrower we approve will have the ability to make mortgage payments and have a huge home equity buffer after you give your loan, which we call equity backed.


At time of funding a home mortgage there will be 1/3 equity or more still in the property. In other words, a $900,000 home, after loaning, with have a $300,000 equity buffer protecting your investment. All investments are short term; generally, 12 months. There is no management fee charged to you. And you are provided a lawyer to consult, at no charge. We can provide this support because as a mortgage broker we earn our fees from a borrower directly, not you.

We’d like to give you a FREE downloadable PDF called ‘The 15 steps to safe mortgage investing’. Please click below to read Gregory’s article.

Why Choose Us?

With over 20 years expertise helping people build investment portfolios that they can enjoy an income monthly to live on. We have established high-level connections to banks and private lenders to secure the best mortgage solution for you.

Industry Experience
Honest Advice and Ongoing Support

As experts in investing in mortgages, we’re here to help achieve your goals with strategic advice and industry insights. If the deal makes sense then we can
do it. We provide complete transparency throughout the
entire process.


Start your mortgage investing income as quickly as possible. As soon as next month.

Quick Turnarounds and Closings
Personalized Service

Transparency and great communication are key in any successful relationship. We create client relationships, not customers. Good advice matters. You will be  informed throughout the entire process with regular updates and personalized service.

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Success is in the details. We consider all aspects of your mortgage approval with the highest level of professional attention and diligence to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Attention to Detail

A significant part of our business is to create great investor relationships. We've spent years building and developing such relationships with many investors to get the necessary attention.

Investor Relationships

“I would like to thank you for all your advice and time and I want you to know I really appreciate all you did as well as Monica to try to help us. She stayed on the phone with me very late one evening and if it hadn't been for her I would have been more trusting of the lawyers and probably would have lost our family home. So please tell her how grateful I am for her taking the time to talk to me. You are both wonderful caring people and I will certainly refer anyone I know to you in the future. Thanks Again”

Chris & Patsy, British Columbia

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